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Dartmouth Bees

Adopt A Bee Hive

Adopt A Bee Hive

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Adopting a beehive is a great way to help support the bees, and it also makes a great gift for friends and family.

Honey bees are the worlds leading pollinators, and without them our food crops would dramatically be reduced. Unfortunately, the bee population is in decline due to many different factors from loss of natural habitat to intensive farming and use of harmful agricultural chemicals. 

We started Dartmouth Bees as a hobby and to provide the local area with good quality honey. We soon realised that our customers loved 'bee chat' and that we had a great stage to promote bee friendly behaviour, such as the use of bee friendly flowers in gardens to give a boost to honey bees and other pollinating insects and dissuade the use of pesticides.

This is your way of supporting bees without actually keeping them, helping us increase the number of hives we look after and, in turn, helping to increase the local bee population.

As a member of our Adopt A Beehive Scheme you will receive an adoption certificate, 2 jars of our 227g honey, a wooden honey drizzler. and a 10% discount code to use across our product range on your next purchase.

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